#WOD: How I found myself in a pile of dirt

No man e’er was glorious, who was not laborious. -Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1734
(clearly "before")

High duration paired with strength intervals (I made sure to alternate hands for the shovel to improve bi-lateral stability, strength and skill), a sweat detox, intermittent fasting, and family bonding (of course). As I lack the proper training and acclimation, you can bet I did my prehab and SMR before hitting the dirt.

During my short gap after college before graduate school -  how did I end up in a pile of dirt? 

Like all great things, this happened over food during dinner on Monday. My dad (owning his own landscaping company) expressed the difficulty he had finding helpers with a massive mulching job. His lacking of 7/11 recruiting skills and hefty wage combo left him taking it on himself. Immediately, I jumped on the chance to get involved.  

The boss insisted I not workout when in the morning. As I would in preparation for any overly-hyped and physically intensive event - I got that good 9 hours of sleep, fueled up (with nothing better than a kale smoothie, of course), and was ready to work for 8 hot summer hours.

Lesson learned - no one is to good for some quality hard work and labor. To be quite honest - I would have done that for free. The weather couldn't have been more perfect - sunny, breezy, 70. I got paid for working out. I made a kick ass looking yard, acquired a solid farmers tan, got to work with my dad all day, made a new friend (with fabulous business advice and education), and got some fresh salsa he made from his garden (as well as got to try his foods and learn about his work in the food industry!). Most importantly, I gained perspective.

Mulching > Cubicle