Duke to Deac

*Photo shoot courtesy of Frisbee camp kids*

*Foodie finding with Dad...leave it to us to find the $4 Falafel Tuesday deal downtown (Mooney's)...mad good people*

*Our majestic, lightly melted to perfection from the car heat, coconut milk chocolate ice cream from Trader Joes...need I say...clearly topping as the highlight of the day*

After 18 years of swimming - I'll still be waking up every morning and putting on a suit...except it's just looking a bit different this time :) (okay, maybe I'll still be swimming first...but after that!).

I figured I would switch things up a bit - swap the 'norts' for skirts and tie dye for a blazer.

Thought I'd give this whole 'business' thing a try. 

Starting tomorrow, for 10 months I'll be off at Wake Forest grinding out, discovering a different world while I become armed with newfound business knowledge. School will be spent hanging out with some pretty unique and driven students 9-5..and of course enjoying the grad life adventures with my roomie (former swimmer too!) when not doin that biz thang.

Tomorrow the flood gates will open...and I'm diving in head first to take advantage of everything I can during this sprint of an education.

...starting with living in a dorm for two weeks. 

I guess the whole 'wishing I was a freshman' and living vicariously through my brother thing (future Duke!) came true. For two weeks WFU hooked me up with that dorm life (to be honest I'm actually pretty pumped). No different than before - here I am, dropped off by mom and dad, car-less, biking to class (much easier in yoga pants than biz wear...appreciate it while you can my friends).

The only difference (besides no roome...p.s. I miss you Lindsay) is my lack of meal plan. These next 2 weeks my stuffed microfridge, bike, and I plan to take 'dormet' to the next level. Bring it.