The Unseen of Business Creation, What's Up with Coconut Oil, and Exercises (To Come)

Monday's Mind, Meals, Moves and More


“The media loves stories of visionaries who see the future and chart a perfect course to intersect it. The reality, however, rarely plays out quite as simply. Even the unveiling of the visionary computer, the iPad, in Steve Jobs' words was years in the making, built on several incremental innovations (and failures) of software and hardware.” - Ash Maurya, Running Lean

This is the realness no one likes to share. Why? Well It’s not sexy. And it's not that glamorous. And it's far from the narrative we are used to enjoying .

If it looks like I know what’s going in, you’re highly mistaken. You'd think after going to college twice that there is this set path paved for you, but rather it’s quite the opposite. You realize how much more there is to do and all there is to still learn. .

However, while I don't know exactly what I'm doing…I do know what I want - and that vision and sense of what I aspire to do and live is clear.

I’m always learning how I can bring value with my skills in a way that allows me to continue growing, being creative, and interacting with fabulous people. One door quickly opens up another and soon enough I'm introduced to new world of possibilities. That’s life right? Not stagnant, but evolving.

So what am I actually doing? One week I was a wine tasting girl, the next I’m prepping meals for families. I’ll be doing all sorts of different coaching, or sometimes I'm babysitting.  Sometimes it's part-time consulting, or I watch houses. The mornings I wake up early and workout and write, the evenings I give lessons. At night I get back to what ever it is that day that takes my idea one step further. Each day is different. Super different and full. And somewhere in between all this I’m active and moving and being inspired.

The reality of this life - it's a process that's very "up and down". There are days where I have no direction, no idea what to do next, yet through it all I have this deep knowing and itching to take action and just do something.

This is this struggle that is rarely discussed - the confusing and uncertain-as-hell aspect...the lack of instruction. As much as I hate it, I I love it.

For people who think someone just goes ‘poof’ and 'wah-la' ...a business appears...or that I have a template that I miraculously follow or even clear direction - I don’t. While I'm systematic and follow a personal process, it’s ever evolving and changing with each day...largely dictated by interactions and what I learn from my environment.

These last two weeks couldn’t have been more different in regards to the momentum of projects.

Stuck - that would be the best way to describe how I felt two weeks ago. Sort of just like "now what?'". I was torn on moves to make and what aligns best with my long-term goals.

Two weeks ago (in terms of biz moves)...yeah...I was hard on myself a bit. There was some mixed stagnation and disappointment..and can you believe it...even feelings of doubt. I'm a huge believer in the potential of everyone...including myself. We should 100% believe in our capabilities.. but the question "do I really have what it takes"...yeah that popped in my mind like twice. Is this worth it? I could just get a job and not have to think about this. Should I just get a job where I have some direction? Am I building something people want? How do I bring this to life when I lose energy? I do ask myself what the hell am I doing…but shouldn't we all? Reassessment and asking "why" is an awesome tool for either making sure there is a reason to what we are doing, or it reminds you why the hell you started in the first place. 

So how do I get out of this and back on my true mojo? Talking to people. As soon as I talk to the right people - mentors, friends, customers -  I instantly know what the next move is. It took reaching out to a ton of people to gain momentum. *also a reminder of how nothing is possible without others*

The next week everything fell into place. That balance between patience and action is so real. The entire week was spent trying to make something (anything!!!!) happen but without direction and focus..or even purpose.This felt unproductive and useless. When it’s just you, it’s easy to be like “what the hell am I doing again”. Suddenly, all at once (and really, the moment that real leap of faith was taken) for me, everything came together and it's back to the effortless "go go go" of building exactly what is needed. All the ideas started flowing and flooding again. That's the awesome part. Instantly a move gets made and energy propels all the rest... it is hard work in the most effortless way. But like everything - it takes enduring and being steadfast through the moments of not-so-awesomeness to get to new heights.



What I'm loving: 

  • Booch: Gut hell-th ya - brew your own and it's even better. Add in your own fresh mint and blubs - yup.
  • New veggie cutter: Make veggies sexy again. Cool shapes and slices aren't just for kids.
  • Mocha-Cacao Smoothie: *say it like "moka-coka" it's more fun* Frozen cauliflower, frozen banana, cold brew coffee, peanut (or any nut) butter, collagen peptides, cacao powder, coconut milk, flax seed, greens (of course get in there) (and if you're extra, go ahead and add some special thangs like adaptagens, mct oil, etc)
  • Coconut Oil: I aint scared..With all scary news circulating, it's easy believe whatever you read. I won't add to your confusion but THIS is one of the better, non-bias articles debating both sides of the argument. 


What I'm loving: (vids not happening this week - to come next post!)

  • Stability Core/Upper Body: "Killah" circuits for core stability hittin that multi-directional anti-rotation motion 
  • Pool Exercises: No, I'm not talking about swimming. Rather, regression exercises in the water with transferable skills to master an exercise.