Being Tougher, Food Experiments, New Moves

(not so) Monday's Mind, Meals, Moves and More


"If you want to be tougher, be tougher" - Jocko

Nine different projects, ambitious health goals, and nothing holding me accountable but myself, means discipline is required more than ever. This quote cuts right to it. Simple. I like it. As the same approach I take to eating and exercise - no need to over-complicate things. I wake up in the morning - this is what crosses my mind - "be tougher". The last rep - "be tougher". When I could just press snooze or tan all day because I don't have anyone to report to - "be tougher". I've learned that finding a relevant quote, affirmation, reminder, etc. that resonates with where you are and what you need can be the greatest form of positive self-talk and direction. For some reason when I hear "be tough", it triggers a sense challenge and ignites my competitive drive - what I need right now. 

What we tell ourselves creates our reality. Life's nothing more than what you perceive. So I create my own, acting as if I'm already living that life. Years ago (like middle school)  I read something powerful - here's the entire post - "pretend you are already who you want to be". Worth the read.  

Another science-backed tip I learned in undergrad that still to this day sticks with me: Mental Contrasting (WOOPing). The most important part here after you visualize what you want to accomplish and then anticipating your obstacles, is to formulate an "if, then" statement. A lot of times all we need is plan, however where there is an obstacle or we are stuck and it doesn't go as we imagined then we are like "hold up" and fall back to something easy (like distractions, sleeping, bad habits, etc.) 

"If, then" statements create follow through. Oettingen’s studies proved that programming our nonconscious mind to get what we needed done determined how we act in a problematic situation. If we can devote the mental energy before hand, while it might take some initial effort, we have a process in place and we no longer need to decide if we need to eat less or go for that run. The obstacle is linked to the instrument to overcome it.

Ex: You plan on running in the morning but then I wake up and don't feel like it - "If I don't feel like running in the morning, then I will remember the bomb breakfast awaiting me after"

Ex: You find yourself thinking you aren't cut out for something - "If I notice I'm feeling doubt, I remind myself I'm capable, qualified and a boss" 

Ex: You are doing work and keep switching browsers to read funny memes or going to get a snack - "If I steer away from the task at hand before completion (give yourself a time limit), then I will stand up walk around the room, get a drink or water and return" 

When you get stuck it's easy to switch over the browser, when you don't feel like working out you can easily press snooze, or with neg self-talk that can spiral. however, when you are aware of any certain habit - you prepare for that 

This can be applied to everything from talking yourself into establishing a habit, to creating positive self-talk, and even approaching work for the day. The key is to aware of what you need to get done, and what is the obstacle you may face. 


What I'm loving: 

  • The latest garden craze - Pesto:
    • Pick one of each to create your own:
      • 1. Pick your green - basil, parsley, arugula, kale, spinach.
      • 2. Add oil - olive, coconut, avocado.
      • 3. Extras - salt, pepper, lemon, lime, cheese, garlic, onion, old bay, avocado, oils, beans, nuts/seeds. 
  • Meal Prep: In the midst of doing market research, concept testing and creating an MVP for my main pursuit, some extensions have organically formed in the food realm - meal prepping/planning, food services and wellness/food consulting and coaching. Again, the name of the game is "simplicity". How can you get all your body needs, ball on a budget, have it taste phenomenal, and meet your goals. I checked back in, and here were two favorites: 
    • Breakfast: Blueberry ONO (Overnight Oats): Oats, Chia Seeds, Almond Milk, Vanilla, Sea Salt, Blueberries, Peanut Butter, Vanilla ,
    • Lunch/Dinner: Bangin' Brussels Bowl -  Quinoa, Brussels Sprouts ,Sweet Potatoes, Dried Cranberries, Crushed Almonds, Onion, Garlic, Vegetable Broth, Olive Oil, on a bed of greens
  • Concession Stand Revamp: Check it out in my latest projects! 
  • 30-Day Trial: Vegan - My dad and I have a thing about watching food documentaries. I try not to be too obnoxious about my food views (okay, maybe only anti-milk but that's it, but even then I've toned down). I already eat mostly plant-based naturally (mostly a Pollen-esque view - "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."), however if you notice the omission of eggs, chicken and hamburgers these next few weeks, you know why. There are many reasons for this (research, experimentation, environment, mental clarity, feel, etc), but it's not my job to impose my views on you. However I will be sure to share the results after. Nonetheless it's a 30-day experiment of being plant-based (vegan). We aren't committing for life - just 30 days. The food a messy space -  feeling you must have a strict belief in your food philosophy and values…and thus you must defend that to everyone. Even more, there is a sense of guilt and and responsibility when cooking and providing for others. As a doctor prescribes medicine and makes recommendations - there is no difference with how I do that with food for others - as "food is thy medicine". I understand not everyone will, nor wants to eat like me, however I feel tension and conflict as it's essential I provide the absolute best. The research is mixed, there is a lot of bias and confusion in this space. I take it upon myself to experiment, find as many sources as possible, and match that with the circumstances of individuals. It's too easy to over-complicate food and get your head wrapped up in all the "recommendations", that too often have ulterior motives. What I find works best for most, comes down to the baby steps. Start eating balanced, clean, purposeful meals. Then become more in tune with your personal values and what your body needs. Don't feel you need to justify for anyone but yourself. For me, I'm always continuing to experiment for myself and also for the impact that my eating behaviors and "recommendations" have on the world. 


What I'm loving: 

  • Circuits - Videos included on the instagram blog post
  • Acro yoga 
  • Needed something to light a fire under my ass -decided to sign up for a Spartan Race in November. (It wasn't  exactly in the start-up budget to buy a $2000 bike for a triathlon *accepting sponsorships and donations though*


Between about nine ongoing different "projects" (broadly used word for "work", "contracting", "creations" etc.) and being a little over two months out school, I wanted to do a  "check-in". Everything I do, I do with purpose. Right now, my purpose is providing and creating value. It's time to narrow in (so maybe a handful of projects instead of nine).

Please let me know: What brings you the most value? What do you want to see more of? What do I share or create that is helpful? What do you not give a shit about? What can I do to help you? You all know how to reach me (comment, email, social media, phone, in-person, etc.)