Week 1!

Three days past my Sunday deadline. 


  1. I couldn't Bear having to consolidate my exciting new experiences into two weeks once more

  2. Better to try than not do it all, right?

First day of class today and my professor started with a quote summing up my approach to these next 10 months.

"Anything that is worth doing at all is worth doing well"

While not typically how I've gone about my days...if I'm doing this whole business thing I'm going all in. In terms of sustaining a lifestyle - I alter my daily habits to ones I will continue and hope to have forever (morning routines, exercise, etc) and there are trade offs (like being in the same building from 8-5, dressing up, etc) - there exists aspects that I may not continue but I'm challenging myself to step outside that comfort of an active day and gain new perspectives. 

On another note...

"Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it well" 

*ahem* *this blog* 

So I may not have gotten around to it this weekend (and I'm happy I made that choice because the trade off was well worth it). But it's better to just get this out there and learn how to do it better than to not have tried...because well, it's worth it to me! This carries over to other aspects of life, business, entrepreneurship and sports as well. 



Every meal is the highlight of my day (and realize other people don't find my food as beautiful as I do).And when not enjoying the meal...my highlight is thinking about the next. This weeks feature isn't the typical glamorous piece of art and pride you'd usually expect. 

That's because this beautiful craft and nourishment that is often consuming my mind often praised in the form of pictures, also consumes the minds of others....but in a much different way. 

Moving to W-S, I was keen to this the first day. It's something that makes me feel sick. Wake Forest is the perfectly manicured university - rich in some of the brightest minds, deepest pockets, and privilege. Take a step off campus and things drastically change. 

50% of school children in W-S are receiving free or reduced lunch...worse...they then go home and won't eat again until the next school day. If lucky, they may be able to have cheap and processed food at home. Think of the developmental impact this has? They can't grow, think, perform, and or have the chance to ever end this perpetuating cycle.

 Here we are as students over-consuming elaborate meals with hefty bar tabs yet right across the street others have nothing. It doesn't seem right to me. 

I'm fortunate to attend a school who cares deeply about this though. During orientation last week the Forsyth Backpack Program came to the MA program and allowed us the opportunity to do be a part of their mission to fix this. Part teambuilding activity and service project, this hit close to home and left me thinking much more of how I want to make use my knowledge for business and passion for food.


FriYay Partay: 

Two days into the program and we gained a fitness following. The crew rolled in deep Friday morning with four MA students (oh the influence one can have on "Thirsty Thursday"). While sneaking out early from a party Thursday night...hoping not to justify our lame, habituated 'I have swim practice" reason to go to bed early...word spread quickly of our need to depart for an early workout...and others adamantly wanted to join. Of course, I'd love nothing more than for people to join me...but this just isn't typically the most enticing offer or appropriate conversation you expect others to enjoy during a night out with friends. Or if you want to make friends. Like Carly questioned "and they are still you're friends"? - you may too be curious when I refer to these as my friends. 30 minutes (10 push ups, 8 stairs, 6 box jumps, 2 laps - as many times as you can) of high intensity bad-ass-ness later and we are going back for more this week.

How I got to resorting to my creativity and a track for a workout I will explain at another time. 

Stay tuned - hiking, Pure Barre experimentation, and sub-par gym luxuries



The Model Health Show Podcasts has been my go-to lifting music. Not only is super motivating but it feeds my mind. I'm usually juiced with new research, health facts and reasons to keep doing me but a particularly relevant episode left me with some key points that differed from the usual science. 

-Respect and revere the process

-Beauty in preparation

-Honor the opportunity

-Execute on what you say you're going to do

-And always do the exceptional no matter what




I'm huge on environment. The impact that your surroundings have on you brain and thus actions extend far beyond what we realize. With that being said - new beginnings mean new goals and new visions. Here's what I've begun to do so far to create that.