I thrive off a challenge and strive to optimize everything.  With a life-long involvement as a competitive swimmer, traveler, and change-maker, I continue to discover that my passion for health and focus on improvement extends beyond the realms of my imagination. A constant stream of enthusiasm and my inability to allow for a dull-moment has kept me actively learning through my experiences, exploring and questioning the possibilities of our potential - whether it be as an individual, team, or planet. I strive to create ways to lead others towards a happier and improved life. When each day presents boundless opportunities to engage in what excites me most, it's hard not to dive into new projects and energizing outlets. Constantly in motion - my mind is no different. Bouncing between the office, gym, volunteering, and meetings, each spare moment of inspiration allows for a creative burst to become action - where most projects emerge. As an advocate for health, nutrition, sustainability and personal growth, my pursuits often involve human-centered design, social behavior, programming, community development, management in health but applied to all facets through contracting. Always finding ways to improve myself and others, the best part of being involved in an array of projects is the ability to be surrounded by unique minds who challenge my thoughts, open my eyes, share their skills, and allow me to learn from the experience.