A collaborative student-run food truck business focused on bringing nutritious, local food to the JMU students and business to the Harrisonburg community through an expansion of connectivity and experiential growth. Fueled operates by means of collaborative, interdisciplinary efforts amongst JMU and Aramark by utilizing the unique expertise of students in many areas of the JMU community. Students participating in the business operation will develop professionally through an integrative course and practical hands-on experience. Fueled educates and enlightens students, nourishes and promotes a healthy, productive and meaningful life and supports the University’s values of academic quality, community, diversity, excellence, integrity, and student focus. The food truck is a model for a collaborative and innovative university that connects ideas and the world by engagement of learning, civic and community means. Simultaneously, Fueled serves students looking for healthy food for their on-the-go lifestyles through a platform embodying the ever-striving essence of James Madison University.