Step 1: Clean, Dump + Assess

Step 2: Paint

Step 3: Reassemble

STEP 4: Touch Up, "reupholstering" cushions, and put in new floors

Step 5: Decorate


2 weeks. $50. one trailer later. 

Step 1

5/22: Clean, Dump + Assess

  •  Assess the damage. Take measurements. Break it down. Vacuum. Burn the 70's floral decor.

Step 2

5/24 - 6/1: Paint

Paint: A leftover can of white Behr's from Home Depot

  • Seems easy...right. Well this took 3 full days. 5 coats of paint..with a brush. Taking every shelf and drawer in and out.
  • I'd give myself a 6/10 on paint job. My dad may go a little lower (just a guess after all the "hey you missed a spot"s or "you may wanna touch this up"s and the "you can go back in and fill in the spots you missed"s. So subtle but yeah..I GET IT. This is also where I realized how un-detail oriented and unfocused I am. I would even catch myself doing it - I'd paint half of a board and then for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to finish it and I'd move over and just paint something us, then go back and touch another part. This might have contributed to the streaky paint job.
  • Some days were definitely messier than others (like when I painted after Arm-day and if I didn't finish and move every board out of the garage my mom threatened to run it over with her car ..and probably take my own life as well).
  • This is the part of the job that is like a really bad haircut. You see it happening, you kinda did it to yourself, and you look up and are like "no no no no!"...but then you start to style it and get it together and you realize "hey...this doesn't look too bad". 

Step 3

6/1: Reassemble

  • Major s/o to Dad with the automatic screwdriver and knowing what goes where. I manically took everything a part, so when the time came to put the puzzle back together I got super lost. 

Step 4

6/6 -6/7: Touch up, Reupholster, Floors

Sheets: Blush pink, on sale at Target ($24)

Adhesive Spray: Home Depot ($5)

  • Because I don't actually know/don't have the time to reupholster cushions - I took bed sheets, wrapped them like a present, and using adhesive spray I glued them to the cushions :) You can't tell the difference. 

White spray paint for counters/touch ups: Rustoleum White from Home Depot ($6)

"Carpet": Home Depot ($17)

  • Lucked out that the carpet was the exact length to the cm, however it took some time and hands to use an exacto knife to get it to fit the odd dimensions and corners of the trailer. 

Step 5

6/8: Clean and Decorate

  • The fun part. Reused everything I already had. Eventually there will be plants and globe lights hung around the inside. 
  • With summer on the way, we will need to get an A/C unit but for now I have the door wide open with a wonderful cool breeze and I'm going to enjoy that while I can :)