COR and the Cure – More than Physical Therapy

COR and the Cure – More than Physical Therapy

"There’s a great metaphor that one of my doctors uses: If a fish is swimming in a dirty tank and it gets sick, do you take it to the vet and amputate the fin? No, you clean the water. So, I cleaned up my system. By eating organic raw greens, nuts and healthy fats, I am flooding my body with enzymes, vitamins and oxygen.”
– Kris Carr

Many of us have become accustomed to flooding our bodies with “dirty water” and then going out to “amputate the fin” – yet, we fail to address the root of the problem.

The norm is to feed our bodies with processed, sugary foods and then focus on dealing with the repercussions. This frustrating process of addressing the consequence rather than the cause can be experienced in countless dimensions. If you think about how COR approaches injury during physical therapy – we make sure to question *why* (i.e. video, biomechanical analysis, understanding the entire picture) rather than only fixing the effect – it is no different than the way we should look at our health. Remember, at all our Santa Clara, CA physical therapy sessions, we put out the fire, we don’t just take the batteries out of the smoke alarm.

Diet is one of the many pieces to the puzzle. However, too often we resort to altering our perception and approach to nutrition only when we’ve reached extreme and alarming lows in our health.

The growing support and advocacy to highlight certain diseases has been huge for awareness and progress toward a cure. My favorite opportunity this awareness presents is the chance to make clear the role of health in each of us – using the examples and proof through others to ignite change within ourselves.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s the perfect excuse to provide wisdom from some of the many, incredible examples of men and women who inspired change after being diagnosed with cancer. Whether or not you or a loved one has been personally impacted by disease, we all relate in sharing and contributing to one thing – an ownership of a machine that demands care – our body.

Diagnosed with an incurable Stage 4 cancer, Kris Carr has become one of the leading health advocates and cancer inspirations. It was over ten years ago this wake-up call encouraged her lifestyle change and efforts that sparked a wellness revolution!

It Isn’t Just About Physical Therapy and Personal Training!

A couple pieces of wisdom she discovered through her experiences:

“I knew when I was diagnosed with cancer the only thing I could control was what I ate, what I drank and what I would think.”
“The ability to feel clean and healthy resides in our control. The thoughts and nutrients you allow to pass through your body.”
“Change your plate. Change your fate.”

As we continue getting down to business to support Cancer, we encourage you to join us. Heading into week 1 of our 30 day challenge for Prostate Cancer, let us not forget that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month! October has become the perfect excuse to adorn ourselves in pink ribbons, race for a cure, share stories and come together to support a cause. Stay tuned on how you can join the COR family in doing so!

For COR, these 30 days allow us to continue striving for a cure. We want to reach new health horizons and you to experience peaks in your well-being. Help us workout for a cure this month, use our hashtag #30MOCOR to raise awareness, donate to our group, or attend our workshops and events. Remember, step one is about making yourself feel better, whether it is with physical therapy or personal training, then it involves helping the community!

How are you going to better fuel your body this week? Which way are you choosing to get involved to spread better health?


Mo’ stache, Mo’ Moves, and Mo’ Motivation!

Mo’ stache, Mo’ Moves, and Mo’ Motivation!

"I’ve always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn’t have a chance to win. “ – Arnold Palmer

62 PGA Tour winning legend, drink connoisseur and World Golf hall-of-famer – but among his array of accolades, Palmer’s proudest to date is his triumph over prostate cancer.   

“Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character.”

This “strength of mind and character” Palmer built through disciplined practice later applied to a whole new challenge. Through success as an athlete, Palmer exemplified a resilient mentality…one that proved to be no different as he battled cancer. The mental and physical benefits built upon an active and athletic lifestyle set the foundation for Palmer’s determination and strength to survive – first in the game of golf, but later in the game of life.

Although retired from the game, Palmer is an advocate for lifelong exercise and healthy habits. So are we.

Do you know the key to battling prostate and other cancers? A healthy lifestyle.  

Maybe you’ve begun to notice the super rad beard John’s [soon to be ‘stache] been sporting. #30MOCOR That’s because COR is taking on the Movember Challenge – and we want YOU to join us! For the month of November, we will track everyone’s attendance at COR. This includes yoga, double workouts, workshops, boot camp, Zumba, (sorry not physical therapy, stay healthy!), etc. The members with the highest attendance will win a prize…excited yet! Also, we’ll be raising money for Cancer Research Institute. Donate to our team here!

Knowledge is power right? Next time you see us rocking the ‘moustache’, ask us what a good diet and life in motion can do to prevent cancer and lead a life free of health issues.

At the heart of COR, we strive to foster growing, giving and moving…now we are taking it to a whole new level. Every day we focus on optimizing lives, but these next 30 days we are committed to tackling the biggest health issues faced by men – prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

So mo’ stache, mo’ moves, and mo’ motivation!

How are you going to step it up?